write a paper on concussions

Question Description

Should include the following

  • Definition of the Injury = Give a brief description of the injury, and who is most often sidelined with it.
  • Mechanism of Injury = Explain in detail the mechanism of injury (how the injury occurs).Also include the associated anatomy that is affected by the injury.
  • Signs of the Injury = This section should include the signs (what you can observe) of the injury.
  • Symptoms of the Injury = Now you can explain what is being felt by the athlete at the time of the injury, and during the rehabilitation.
  • Treatment & Rehabilitation = Explain all of the most current treatment and rehabilitation protocols for the injury that you have selected.
  • Injury Prevention = Explain if this injury could have been avoided by proper training, protective devices, or other options.

Be sure to list your sources!!

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