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Teenage pregnancy causes significant concern to mother and child. For teenage mothers, there is a danger of developing preeclampsia or hypertension. Teenage moms are additionally at a higher danger of encountering post birth anxiety. At the point when the mother is encountering these wellbeing concerns, it can cause a risky event for the unborn child. The New born is at risk of low birth weight, these issues increase the danger of various other wellbeing concerns, for example, respiratory distress disorder, intra ventricular discharge, patent ducts arteriosus. Another concern is that teenage moms are bound to drop out of school. (CDC, 2014).

In Maryland, there has been a 7% decline in the rate of tennage pregnancy in the course of recent years. “Starting at 2014, the Maryland teenager birth rate was 22.5 births per 1,000 young ladies (age 15-19). The purpose behind this is misty; in any case, the larger part of youngsters says they used condoms for contraception (The National Campaign, 2016). There has likewise been an activity in schools to show kids, beginning in fourth grade, about development and growth and sex. Maryland teen pregnancy prevention focus on educational programs and family planning, services include reproductive health services and counseling.


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