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Community health Course Paper: The paper should be 5-10 pages in length (title page, references and appendices are not included in this page limit). It should be double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12 font and following APA format. The paper should have an introduction and conclusion.

Reference: MacDonald, M., & Ebrary, Inc. (1999). All souls a family story from Southie / Michael Patrick MacDonald.Boston: Beacon Press.

For this paper, read this book of “All Souls” online. All Souls is a memoir set in South Boston and contains issues of poverty, racial conflict, community, substance use, violence, and the policies and political actions that contributed to these issues. (it can be read online)

The purpose of the paper: is for you

·1. To analyze the major issues presented in the book from the perspective of a public health nurse, by applying the major concepts learned in class (social determinants of health, social justice, poverty, advocacy, environmental contamination, environmental justice, racism, community assets, population focused care, the intersection of public health, policy, and politics) to explain the varied causes of the problems faced by the specific population (homeless, residents of South Boston, families in Woburn), then

·2. To identify public health nursing interventions at the individual, community, and systems level of practice, which could effectively address both the problems and maximize individual and community assets. Some may have been discussed in the book and you can elaborate on those. Ideally, you want to identify at least one at the individual, community, and societal level, addressing both direct care and policy. The PHN Intervention Wheel and articles from the first class, particularly the Keller et al articles could be helpful, along with your text. Interventions could include some type of outreach, education, advocacy of a specific policy, screening etc. Be as specific as possible about the actions that should be taken.

** This is not a book report. It is an analysis of the major public health issues described in the book. Your analysis should use the lens of a public health nurse. You should use your course content to guide your analysis. You should use some quotes and information from the book to provide evidence for your thinking about the issues and any conclusions that you make. It is not expected that you identify and use additional articles, not provided in the course (although some students did and that is fine). It is expected that you will use information from your textbook and articles/handouts that I have provided to inform your thinking and further support your conclusions in the analysis.

Here are some titles from previous papers:

-Chronic Poverty and the Social Determinants of Health

-All Souls: An Interdisciplinary Resource for Community Health Nurses

-Learning to Love and Respect the Homeless Population

-All Souls: Analyzing the Effects of Poverty and Racism

Grading Rubric for Community Health Individual Paper

General ExpectationsPercentage of Grade
INTRODUCTIONExplains purpose of the book-4 pointsProvides brief overview of the book– 4 pointsIdentifies the focus of the analysis and paper- 2 pointsExample:“This paper will explore health disparity as it relates to rough sleepers, determine which factors prevent social justice from occurring, and how nurses should respond”15%
ANALYSISProvides a clear thorough analysis of at least 2 public health issues described in the book- 5 pointsUses a public health nurse perspective- 2 pointsDefines and describes key concepts used in the analysis (such as social justice, racism, social determinants of health, environmental justice, mental health issue) 5 pointsIdentifies any individual or community assets- 3 pointsProvides evidence from the book and class text and articles to support the analysis and conclusion-s 5 pointsAnalysis includes the individual, policy, and political levels- 5 points30%
INTERVENTIONSDescribes 3-5 public health interventions including category from the Intervention Wheel and specific actions (it may be an outreach intervention or a screening but includes description of specific type/action) –10 pointsInterventions include individual, community and societal level- 7 pointsPolicy/Advocacy level intervention is considered- 3 pointsEvidence from the book, text, and class articles supports the interventions selected (must use at least 3 sources)10 points30%
CONCLUSIONProvides clear summary of key points of the paper- 5 pointsReinforces the major conclusions drawn from the analysis and interventions- 5 points10%
APA FORMATProvides brief abstract; Correct Title page format; Correct page number location; Correct format for Running Head; Correct format for headings- 5 pointsCorrect format and appropriate use of in text citations; Correct format and citation for quotes- 3 pointsCorrect Format for References- 2 pointsStrong academic writing with minimal grammatical errors and appropriate sentence and paragraph structure- 5 points
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